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The Defence of Lastower

Magical heroes battle enemies in multiplayer co-op tower defence! · By Because Monsters


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Version 0.12.0 Released
Rocket Launcher Available immediately and with infinite ammunition, it'll explode on contact with an enemy and injure it and all those around it. The intention...
2 files — 0.12.0
Version 0.10 Released
A few bug fixes and some graphics tweaks: Turret XP gain and level-up hover text. Enemy sprites now look correct in the level sequence summary. Research timer i...
2 files — 0.10.0
Version 0.9 Released
Phew this has been a while! New features: Level summary - shows the number of enemies upcoming in the next wave. Harvester turret - gives cogs periodically and...
2 files — 0.9.0
Linux build
So there's a working Linux build (sort-of). The Client works fine - but launching the server via the "Host Game" button doesn't work. You can work around it by...
3 files — v0.7.1
Version 0.7 Released
Here's another bunch of changes going by the name 0.7! New features Added new poison tower that does damage over time. New turret upgrade window. Turret upgrade...
1 file — v0.7.0
Version 0.6 released
New features: Added difficulty option in game lobby. New turret upgrade window. Turret upgrade options for slowing tower and bomb tower. Fixes: Turrets occasion...
1 file — v0.6.1
Version 0.5 released
I skipped version 0.4 as a homage to Winamp. Changes this version: Enemy path tracker - it's a bit simple at the moment, but it'll show enemies progress as they...
1 file — v0.5.2
Version 0.3 Released
Changes for version 0.3: Introduced build-able level 5 towers. Upgrade cost increases per tower level. Static shadows for turrets and trees. Tower effect when u...
1 file — v0.3
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