Version 0.7 Released

Here's another bunch of changes going by the name 0.7!

New features

  • Added new poison tower that does damage over time.
  • New turret upgrade window.
  • Turret upgrade options for slowing tower and bomb tower.
  • Turrets can be sold.
  • 20% buy/sell penalty for turrets bought/sold when a wave is in-progress.


  • Turret range is shown when turret info box is open.
  • Difficulty level persists when going back to the lobby


  • Basic turrets now fire further.
  • Bomb turrets now fire a shorter distance but do more damage.
  • Upgrade costs increased.
  • Difficulty levels changed to -50%, 100%, 200% and 300%

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Version v0.7.0 Feb 04, 2018

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