Version 0.9 Released

Phew this has been a while!

New features:

  • Level summary - shows the number of enemies upcoming in the next wave.
  • Harvester turret - gives cogs periodically and causes Hungerer enemies to spawn. They will shoot the turret and if it gets destroyed will give an AoE buff to movement speed to all enemies.
  • Research - research orbs are given at the end of each wave and can be spent on research tasks.
  • More rebalancing.
  • Bugs

Known issues:

  • Research timer is inaccurate.
  • Level summary shows incorrect sprites due to moving to using native aseprite loader - I've not updated all the sprites yet!
  • Harvester turret does not show particle effect on destruction to show affected enemies.

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Version 0.9.0 Jun 04, 2018 4 MB
Version 0.9.0 Jun 04, 2018

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